Women in Aviation

Explore the rich history of women And flight

The Women in Aviation Exhibit explores the rich history of women and flight, from the very early years of aviation through to missions in space!

The exhibit highlights the achievements and accomplishments of pilots from Harriet Quimby, the first licensed female pilot in the US, and Eileen Vollick, the first Canadian woman pilot, through to Dr Roberta Bondar’s 1992 flight on Discovery as Canada’s first female astronaut, and Julie Payette, who flew missions on both the Discovery (1999) and the Endeavour (2009).

The exhibit recounts the careers of many other female pilots from barnstormers to bush pilots to record setters, including Amelia Earhart, and the first lady of fast, Jacqueline Cochran. It also includes a special section on the women pilots and air maintenance engineers of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.