Day Care Providers

Let's create vibrant, educational experiences together that go beyond the ordinary, fostering a love for exploration and learning in the heart of every child.

The Bushplane Museum is excited to extend a warm invitation to home day care providers, offering a captivating and educational destination for your little explorers. Our museum is the perfect place for children to immerse themselves in the thrilling world of aviation, with interactive exhibits and engaging activities tailored to ignite young imaginations.

Come join us for a day filled with discovery and learning, where every visit leaves lasting impressions and fosters a deep love for exploration and maybe even a bushplane or two.


Day Care Providers

We warmly welcome day care providers to explore the wonders of aviation with us at the bushplane museum!

For non-members, we offer an affordable day out with a pricing model of 6 kids per adult, at just $5.50 per child, while the accompanying adult is free.

For those seeking even more value, our annual membership is available for $115, covering 2 adults and up to 6 preschool and school-aged children (0-12).

Larger day cares can easily include additional children for just $10.00 per child per year, maintaining the benefit of one free adult for every six children per visit. Should you bring extra adults, a nominal fee of $10 per visit applies.

Dive into the full array of benefits by visiting our membership page, and see how a day care membership can enrich your educational outings and provide endless learning opportunities in a fun, engaging environment.

day care providers at the bushplane