Archives and Research

Within the Bushplane Museum, every artifact is a curated voyage through untamed landscapes, narratives, and our place in Canadian history.

The CBHC has a mission to preserve and tell the story of Canada’s bushplanes and forest protection heritage by collecting, preserving, exhibiting and interpreting a collection of bushplanes and related programs. 

Through its collection and interpretive programs, the CBHC ensures that the legacy of bushplanes and their role in shaping Canadian history remains vivid and accessible to future generations.

Our Library and Archives are open to the public, by appointment only.

The CBHC boasts comprehensive collections of historical artifacts and archives, complemented by our research library.

The Museum's Collecting Focus is:

  1. Period aircraft or reproductions and associated artifacts, memorabilia and documentation, that best serve to illustrate the unique and valuable contributions made by bush flying, to the development of Canada’s northland in the 20th century

  2. Period aircraft or reproductions and associated artifacts memorabilia and documentation, that best serves to illustrate the role of the former Ontario Provincial Air Service – in resources management.

  3. Equipment and associated artifacts, memorabilia and documentation, best illustrate the development of forest fire suppression technology in Canada but primarily in Ontario, and forest fire/forest management technology in Ontario to the present day.


CL-215 Donated by Bombardier & Shipped by Boat to Purvis Marine.

We Value Authenticity

Our collection is rooted in and strengthened by its first-hand connection to real places, people, objects and events. 

CBHC will consider only strategic additions to the collection that fill key gaps in telling the bushplane story. 

Do you have something to donate to the CBHC collection?

Please contact the Curator and make an appointment to discuss your donation at or call 705-945-6242 ext. 203. 

Please do not drop off or mail items to the CBHC without making prior arrangements with the Curator. 

Do you have a research question? 

Please contact the Curator at or call 705-945-6242 ext. 203.