Wildfires Theatre

A Forest Fire Fighting Adventure!

An intense presentation packed with forest fire fighting special effects! The film tells the story of how the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry’s Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services Branch (AFFES) battles forest fires in Ontario—from both the air and on the ground.

Learn of the conditions leading to forest fires, and their ecological role in certain forests.

When one starts, become part of the action with forest fire fighting ground crews battling a raging wildfire. Feel the adrenaline as your crew is told to evacuate through dense smoke to the safety of a nearby lake.

Join the decision-making in the aircraft directing the ground and aerial water bombing attack of that out-of-control wildfire.

Sit with the pilots and experience the rush as the cascade of water from a CL-415 waterbomber is dropped onto the fire.

A must-see attraction!