Tuesday - Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Visit the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre

Rated the #1 Attraction in Sault Ste. Marie

Why Visit the Bushplane Museum?

Welcome to the heart of exploration and innovation at the Bushplane Museum, your gateway to adventure located in the vibrant city of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. 

Visitors are invited to embark on a journey through time, where the thrilling history of bushplane aviation comes to life. Experience firsthand the pioneering aircraft that opened the skies of Canada’s vast wilderness, learn about the daring pilots who navigated uncharted territories, and discover the incredible impact of bushplanes on forestry, firefighting, and remote community connections.

Why visit the Bushplane Museum? Because here, amidst the rich cultural backdrop of Sault Ste. Marie, you’ll find not just a museum, but a thrilling adventure into the past, present, and future of bushplane aviation, inviting explorers of all ages to soar into history.

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Get Up Close

Step into the pilot’s seat and take the controls as you embark on an interactive journey through aviation history!

At your leisure, climb aboard, feel the texture of history under your fingertips, and delve into the heart of our many aircraft.

Imagine the skies calling as you sit in the cockpit, immersing yourself in the thrill of piloting these majestic birds.

For an even richer adventure, join one of our daily guided tours, where history comes alive in the most entertaining ways possible.

Meanwhile, the Children’s Centre is a hive of hands-on learning activities, from exploring the principles of aerodynamics to engaging with video games that soar beyond the imagination.

It’s not just a visit; it’s a journey.

Daily Guided Tours

Join our guided tour for a lively journey through aviation history, or explore at your
own pace with our interactive app tour, full of insights and adventures.

Guided Tour

Let one of our entertaining and knowledgeable guides animate the history of bush flying in Northern Ontario and the development of forest fire technology.

This 30-minute tour is followed by a viewing of our award-winning Wildfires! movie.

Call ahead to sign up or inquire when you arrive.

Guided tours are available daily at 10am and 2pm and are a great complement to your museum visit.

Smart Phone Tour

Dive into the world of bushplane heritage with our Smartphone App, guiding you through the history and evolution of bushplanes in six languages. Experience the journey with both audio and text options in English, French, Spanish, German, and Anishnaabemowin, plus text-only in Hindi.

This app is completely free and can be downloaded before or during your visit to the museum. Should you need a tablet or earphones to enhance your app experience, we offer rentals.
Fly  in – The Bushplane Centre is a registered water-based aerodrome

Canadian Federal Designation PX8

Canada Customs Entry Point (CanPass Phone 1-888-266-7277)

Our coordinates are as follows:

Main Slipway
46°30’13” North, 84°19’30” West

Secondary Dock
46°30’13” North, 84°19’26” West

For more information about visiting our Centre with your aircraft, please call us at (705)-945-6242.

How to Find Us

Coming from Hwy 17 East:

  1. Hwy 17 E.  follow into the city. 
  2. Turn left onto Pim St (one way streets involved)
  3. At the junction of Queen St and Pim St, turn right.
  4. Continue for one block, turn left on East St.
  5. Continue for one block, turn left on Bay St.
  6. Keep to the right for one block. *you have arrived*

Coming from Hwy 17 North/West:

  1. As you enter Sault Ste. Marie, Hwy 17 changes names. (Great Northern Rd to Pim St.) Follow until you reach the junction of Queen St and Pim St.
  2. At the junction of Queen St and Pim St, turn right.
  3. Continue for one block, turn left on East St.
  4. Continue for one block, turn left on Bay St. Keep to the right for one block. *you have arrived*

Coming from the United States via the International Bridge:

  1. After crossing the International Bridge, turn right on Huron St.
  2. Make a left turn onto Bay Street and follow it as it curves.
  3. Follow Bay St, keep to the right and you will see us before the last bend in the road. *you have arrived*


There is plenty of parking  available on-site.

We look forward to your visit and are excited to share with you the rich history and thrilling adventures of bushplane aviation.

Accessible to Most

The Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre makes every effort to accommodate the needs of all guests. Learn more about accessible features at the Bushplane here. Get more information and greater accessibility features with our Smartphone App.

Bushplane Smartphone App

The Bushplane’s Smartphone App offers a self-guided tour of Bushplane History and Evolution in six different languages. Enjoy both audio and text in English, French, Spanish, German and Anishnaabemowin, and text in Hindi. The tour also features 360 degree video of the interior of aircraft that are accessible to the public. For a little fun, try our Women in Aviation Scavenger Hunt. The app is free to use and can be downloaded prior to or during your museum visit. If you require a tablet or earphones to access the app, these are available for rent.

<< Click the image to download the app


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