CBHC Volunteer Awards Program

The CBHC values our people. As an organization that was created by volunteers and that continues to be sustained by volunteers after more than 30 years, we want to recognize the people who have dedicated their time and talents making the CBHC a dynamic and thriving community hub. 

The Volunteer of the Year Award, the Emerging Volunteer Award, and the Volunteer Legacy Award recognize individuals and the impacts they have on the CBHC. 

Volunteer of the Year Award 

This award recognizes a volunteer who has contributed at least 100 hours to the museum in the previous year and whose work has shown creativity, leadership and a positive impact. This contribution can have been in one or several areas in the museum. 

Emerging Volunteer Award 

This award recognizes a volunteer in their first year of involvement with the museum. This individual has shown initiative in their volunteer position, dedication to the CBHC mission, and willingness to learn and grow in their role. 

Volunteer Legacy Award 

This award recognizes a volunteer whose service over several years has had an enduring impact on the museum and its community. This individual’s contribution over at least two years has shown dedication to the CBHC mission and had a positive impact on public-facing or back-of-house projects. 

How to Nominate 

  1. Fill out the nomination form below. 
  2. Nomination deadline is December 15, 2023. 
  3. Individuals can be nominated by an employee, volunteer, Board Member, or a member of the general public. Individuals cannot nominate themselves. 
  4. The nominee must have been an active volunteer within the year they are nominated. 
  5. Previous winners of the awards are not eligible for nomination in the same category. 
  6. A Nomination Committee of the Board will select successful nominees and their decision will be final. Results will be shared with nominators and nominees by the end of 2023. 
  7. Awards will be given out in January 2024. 

Questions? Email display@bushplane.com  

At the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre,
volunteering comes in many forms.

  • If you love learning new things and interacting with the public, a position as a Tour Guide is calling your name! 
  • Research and database work more up your alley? Perhaps you would like to put your skills to work with our library and historic collection. 
  • Are you a student looking to get your volunteer hours for school? Working special events is a great way to get those hours! 

What are you waiting for?  

Download the volunteer application form, email it to display@bushplane.com or drop it off at the museum, and start making a difference today!