OPAS 100th anniversayOPAS 100th anniversary

Step into the world of the

Ontario Provincial Air Service

and experience 100 years of bush flying.

No government, state or commercial enterprise has been better served by its flying personnel.

-W. Roy Maxwell-


the history

100th anniversary

Joins us for a Grand Celebration and OPAS Reunion Conference. 

Bushplane Days

bushplane days and 100th anniversary

Joins us for the 100th Celebration of OPAS and Bushplane Days!

OPAS Conference & Bushplane Days

Sept. 18th

Join us for a warm welcome reception, featuring an selection of wine and cheese, accompanied by a cash bar for your enjoyment.

Sept. 19th

Enjoy a day of hangar tours, seminars, and activities with lunch and expert discussions, followed by an evening GALA with fine dining, a talk by Dr. Robert Galway, and live music.

Sept. 20th

Don't miss our off-site programming, where unexpected thrills and exclusive encounters await to amplify your excitement! Details coming soon.

Sept. 21st

Join us for the Annual Bushplane Days event, where OBS takes to the water alongside captivating demonstrations featuring a waterbomber.

Sept. 22nd

Continue the celebration of Bushplane Days, enhanced with engaging tales from OPAS pilots, engineers, and aficionados, bringing the world of bushplanes to life.

Through The Years