Largest Holiday Gift & Craft Show in Northern Ontario!

✨UnWrap the Magic!✨

🎄✨ The jingle bells are ringing, lights are twinkling, and an unmistakable festive spirit is fluttering through the brisk Northern Ontario air. And what’s this magical scent wafting through the pines? It’s the alluring aroma of hot cocoa, gingerbread, and an array of enchanting gifts waiting to be unwrapped at the giant Holiday Gift & Craft Show at the Bushplane Museum!

Join us on the weekends of November 4 and 5. As well as November 11 and 12 to experience the largest holiday and craft show in northern Ontario. See the Bushplane Museum transform into the ultimate destination for all things festive, fun, and fantastically crafty! 🎁🎨

Largest Holiday Gift & Craft Show
Bushplane Holiday Gift and Craft Show

🚁 Elevate Your Gift-Giving Game

Deck the halls and your gift-giving list this year by discovering a breathtaking selection of “presents for mom” that extend beyond the conventional. How about a handcrafted pine-scented candle or a piece of stained glass that whispers of our wild Ontario landscapes?

Hunting for that perfect “stocking stuffer for your husband”? Traverse through stalls of leathery goodness, toasty alpaca wool socks, or perhaps a quirky gadget that’ll have him grinning from ear to ear on Christmas morning.

As the hallways of our beloved Bushplane Museum bask in the holiday glow, each corner will unveil a new surprise. Navigating through the ocean of over 80 different vendors each weekend, you’ll encounter a universe of “unique gifts for men”, enthralling “teacher gifts”, and a plethora of “fun stocking stuffers” destined to inflate the holiday cheer!

holiday craft fair in sault ste marie ontario
holiday craft shows in the soo

🎨 A Kaleidoscope of Crafts and Creativity

Each stall, enveloped in the holiday spirit, beckons you closer to explore their wealth of treasures. Here, a world where craftsmanship takes centre stage awaits. The heart-warming array of “gifts for best friends” offers more than just objects. Find beautifully created welcome signs, custom-made matching jewelry, and other thoughtful tokens that symbolize the enduring spirit of true camaraderie.

And for those mentors who’ve guided and shaped minds all year round, our “teacher gifts” extend beyond the traditional. Vendors are offering thoughtfully crafted travel mugs, elegant wraps and scarves, and gourmet gift treats that provide a heart-felt “Thank you.”

Christmas Craft Shows in Sault Ste. Marie
handmade gift ideas in sault ste marie

🕵️‍♂️ Unveil the Mystery with Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Embark on a delightful exploration through aisles embellished with items that beg to be secretively slipped under the Christmas tree. From pocket-sized fidget toys, exotic brews, and whimsical socks, to charming décor. Each stall presents a myriad of options that hold the potential to be that perfectly mysterious “secret Santa gift”. Making it a gift to remember.

Largest Holiday Gift & Craft Show
holiday craft shows in the soo

🧸 For the Little Elves Amongst Us

Dive into a world of “stocking stuffers for kids,”. Where handcrafted toys, imaginative books, and delectable sweets become the treasures that fill your little one’s holiday with joy. From expertly carved wooden figures and creatively illustrated books to delicious candies. Each item is a tiny wonder, ready to make this festive season memorably sweet and playful for your youngsters.

Donna Sue Photography at the bushplane craft and holiday show
Augie by Carrie Jewelry Co. at the bushplane museum craft show

🛬Attend, Elevate, Inspire

Joining us at the Holiday Gift & Craft Show does more than fill your bags with unique finds. It swells our hearts with gratitude and fortifies our mission at the Bushplane Museum. Your presence and festive spirit don’t just elevate our event to the prominent status of the largest in Northern Ontario but it also vitalizes our continuous efforts in conserving the rich, history of aviation and forest protection in Canada. Your participation becomes a beacon, illuminating our path in safeguarding and sharing the tales and educational initiatives of the museum.

So, let’s come together, celebrate, and ensure that the stories of our aeronautical and forestry heritage soar through generations to come!

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