Canadian Airways

In November of 1930, a new Canadian aviation company was formed – Canadian Airways.

It was formed by uniting Western Canada Airways with the Aviation Corporation of Canada, and adding the new flying interests of both the CPR and the government-owned CNR. James Richardson was its first president and held controlling shares in the company. By the end of the year, that one company controlled almost all air transport business in Canada.

The continuing development of aircraft meant the introduction of CF-ARM, a German-made Junkers JU52 in November of 1931. This machine remained the largest civil aircraft in the country until 1938. It became a common sight all across the country and performed some amazing feats of freight.

CF-ARM moved 3,000 tons of freight to a dam construction site in northern Quebec between August 1940 and October 1941. The freight included bulldozers, tractors, a complete sawmill, cement, dynamite, gasoline, fuel oil, a 1600 lb, 20 foot boat, six horses, four oxen and a cow to supply fresh milk to the camp.

Canadian Airways operated through the 1930s until it was purchased by Canadian Pacific Air Lines in 1941.